About CIL


Human connection is our strongest need across the life cycle.

     The Center for Intentional Living is an experiential learning community open to health care professionals, the clergy, and those interested in psychological and spiritual growth and transformation. Our Three Year Professional Enrichment Program explores psycho-spiritual development across the spectrum from early childhood through the separation-individuation process into adulthood, culminating in the process of conscious ageing and dying.

     Together, we will create a supportive community in order to learn and experience the interface of the psychological and the sacred. We encourage each individual to have his or her own spiritual practice and to use our community as a source of personal process as well as intellectual learning. Holding the richness of being, we explore early trauma, the complexity of human relationships and transpersonal unfolding.

At CIL, we believe that each of us has a unique destiny and design to unfold and fulfill. Our integrative approach to healing and wholeness blends Object-relations theory, family systems, body and movement work, dream and imagery work, art, writing and meditative practices. CIL offers its students the opportunity for mutual enrichment and cross-fertilization while keeping the integrity of personal and professional identities separate.

We are located 40 miles north of New York City in Westchester County but also hold workshops elsewhere. For further information regarding workshops, mentoring groups and this program, please contact Alexis Johnson, Ph.D. or Judith S. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Center for Intentional Living – Faculty

Alexis Johnson, Ph.D. After receiving my PhD in clinical psychology, my training continued in Humanistic and Transpersonal philosophies and methods at Esalen Institute. I have also studied and taught Core Energetics, family systems, self-psychology and Object-relations. Inspired by and grateful for Buddhism and Winnicott, my work is about finding that creative spark in each dilemma or story that leads to choice, possibility and freedom. While enjoying my many roles as student, teacher, therapist, spiritual seeker, writer, wife, mother, step-mother, friend and gardener, I realize the humor and absurdity in trying to balance them all.

Alexis’s book is called, “Introduction to Key Concepts and Evolutions in Psychoanalysis” and can be purchased on Amazon.

Judith Sarah Schmidt, Ph.D.After earning my doctorate in clinical psychology, I did post-doctoral studies in Object relations and studied Waking Dream Therapy with Collette Muscat in Jerusalem. As an imagery, dream and trauma therapist, my work is inspired by Winnicott, Jung, and Buddhist and Jewish spirituality. I integrate depth and imaginal psychotherapy and the restorative language of the body. I cherish those sacred moments that arise like surprises from the creative core of wholeness and bring healing.