What is the relationship between intellectual and experiential learning at the various CIL programs?

We keep an enlivening balance between theoretical knowledge and emotional and spiritual experience. Although, both of us are widely read and value the intellect, we know that knowledge feeding the mind only is not transformative. We also recognize that information, whether psychological or spiritual, must be grounded in the body and emotions in order to be owned and lived. Experience that is not grounded in theory, a map of human unfolding, can become repetitive and meaningless. We strive to bring a balance to each day of interior time (meditation or guided imagery), inter-personal time (dyadic exercises or group process) and knowledge from many sources.

What kind of bodywork does CIL practice?

We each have a background as teachers of Core Energetic Therapy; however, as CIL has evolved we teach a body-work that is more aligned with practices like sensory awareness, authentic movement, focusing and other gentle forms. We believe that as we offer ample space and time, the client will follow her own rhythm into the body and discover her own Source of inner healing. In this way, armor will release from deep within permitting the flow of the Real Self to emerge.

How does CIL approach psycho-spiritual integration?

We have developed an integrated approach to healing that understands that each of us may, at different points in our lives, confront difficulties anywhere across the spectrum of consciousness, e.g., early childhood, interpersonal, existential, or spiritual. We believe that a psycho-spiritual practitioner needs to be well grounded in early childhood development, attachment theory and neuroscience and also be able to honor and connect with the person’s spiritual longings. Working along this spectrum will facilitate a movement toward non-dual being.

Where is CIL located?

Our home-base is 40 miles north of New York City in Westchester County but we often have workshops in other places as well.

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