Beginning a CIL Graduate Community

Beginning a CIL Graduate community
Over the years, many CIL grads have expressed the desire to participate in an on-going CIL community in which they can continue to come together in the CIL spirit after graduation.  In response to this call, we are offering the opportunity to meet twice a year for a weekend retreat to process, practice, learn and connect with each other.  We will alternate leadership and pick various topics depending on the needs and desires of the group that gathers.  Currently we are looking for a site for the retreat that is within 2 hours of NYC.

We are aiming for March 7&8, 2009 for our first retreat – that Alexis will facilitate.  Put the dates on your calendar! These dates give you time to make it possible and us time to find a site and arrange for other details.  We are truly excited to come together!

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