Healing with Meditation, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience

Healing with Meditation, Psychotherapy and Neuroscience

Every person has within an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness. Every single human being can experience that – infinite intelligence, infinite creativity, infinite happiness, infinite energy, infinite dynamic peace. David Lynch


Over the years, many of our graduates have asked about CIL as community, a gathering place for people with common interests and shared values: knowing the value of consciousness and compassion to help ourselves, our families and our world.
We are offering this March retreat to all CIL grads who are interested in supporting those values, enriching themselves, and spending time with like-minded others.  We will practice a variety of meditation forms.  Judith and Alexis will talk about current neuroscience and psychological research and theories supporting the importance of mindfulness skills in the healing process.  We believe that healing takes place within an inner spacious container of presence shaped by both somatic resonance and a trusted safe relationship.
As a community of CIL graduates committed to a sacred psycho-spiritual path, we are hopeful that our meditative and learning time together will create a ground from which we can each direct some of our group energies outward to help create the peaceful change that we hold deep in our hearts for ourselves and our world.
We hope that you will join us for this new venture of community building. We want everyone who wants to come to be there, so if money or other obstacles stand in your way, please contact us directly to see what can be worked out.  We want to make this an annual event to nourish all of us as we journey along our way.
Date: March 7&8, 2009

Tuition: $200  To participate please send $100 deposit to Alexis Johnson, 96 Bouton Road, South Salem, NY 10590. Please do it today, so we can make our plans with the hotel.

Location: Westchester, NY or Danbury CT depending on number of participants

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