Announcing Alexis’s New Book!

I am excited to announce the publication of my first book: Introduction to Concepts and Evolutions of Psychoanalysis: Freud to Neuroscience.
The book provides a clear overview for anyone interested in practicing psychotherapy, learning about psychoanalysis as an alive and evolving discipline, or refreshing their memory on who contributed what to this important movement. I have divided the strands of modern psychoanalysis into six lineages, each of which made important contributions to helping professionals of any persuasion. The key concepts are then woven into an intimate, personal tapestry of clinical commentaries with a number of composite clients to illustrate themes and ideas. I conclude by bridging psychoanalysis with modern trauma theory and its underpinnings in neuroscience, bringing depth psychotherapy into the 21st century. Some of you may know I have wanted to clarify my own thinking on these matters for many years, and am delighted to have finally taken the time to do so.

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  1. Eva Hazlett Davidson

    I am very interested in getting a copy of this book! I am the mental health director in a mens prison, and use the opportunity to spread the gospel. How do I get a copy?

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