Study Group 2018-2019: Loneliness and Longing


Friday Afternoon Study Group 2018-19

Loneliness and Longing

18 CE’s approved for MSWs in NY and applied for in CT


As every clinician knows, loneliness and longing are frequently encountered existential issues which often have no resolution. The right partner is not found. A community is not created. A cause or calling looses meaning. We know these unrequited feelings personally and we meet them in our clients.


Our intent during our time together will be to sit with these issues, to feel them for ourselves, to become familiar with them, to discuss them and learn from them. To further our intellectual understand and deepen our feeling capacity we will use the book Loneliness and Longing, edited by Willock, Bohm & Curtis.  This is an analytic look at these issues from many vantage points and will enrich our time together substantially.


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