…Breathing in the Spaces…a monthly group for practitioners of the healing arts


a monthly group for practitioners of the healing arts

“…at the still point of the turning world….there the dance is”  T.S. Eliot

In the course of our professional trainings, each one of us has gathered  valuable healing tools. Sometimes we use our tools to serve our clients. At other times, we use them when we are standing in a therapeutic moment facing what is unknown and frightening. We try to reassure ourselves that we are competent because we have some intervention to hold on to, that reassures us that we ‘know’ where we are going. All too often, our grasping for know-how closes down the potential space of emerging being, both in our selves and in our clients.

The deepest yearning in the one who seeks for healing and transformation is the reassuring presence that arises out of the holding stillness of the other, the therapist. When we can rest in our inner stillness, we inspire the other to breathe down. This coming into the breathing body flow can be threatening, particularly for those who suffer from the freezing of severe trauma. This liminal space of not-here not-there, of where-are-we! can also be destabilizing for the therapist.  How do we stay open in such moments of not knowing where we are going or of what will come next? How do we keep the spaces open and find our breath, come to our spacious inner stillness? This is the deepest practice I know of for our selves and for our clients for it is only out of this source that the seeds of new life spontaneously arise.

If we can return to and go forth from our own still center, we resonate a trust that standing in the spaces of dread and desire will not re-traumatize.  We transmit a faith that spontaneous new beginnings somehow arise from beneath our anxieties, out of deep creative stillness.

How to navigate from the terror of emptiness to a faith in the fertility of stillness; how to stay breathing through these spaces is the light we therapists hold into the darkness of the unknown, for ourselves and for those we work with.  For this we need the support of a trusted circle in which to talk about the ‘difficult moments’ and to be supported in our practice of presence and in our reverence for self-creation. It is my intention and hope that this is the support our learning circle will provide.

In the course of this year of study, of supervision, of dream and imagery work, we will explore the ways in which life starts up again out of the liminal spaces we help to open and hold for our clients and for ourselves.

We will study both psychoanalytic and Jungian theories and, as well, relevant neuroscience and meditative approaches. These will include the work of psychoanalyst Phillip Bromberg; the Jungian, Ann Ulanov; the Buddhist Jack Kornfield and related neuroscience approaches.

This circle will be small, no more than eight people. We will meet on nine Fridays throughout the year from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Our first meeting will be on Friday, September 20th at my office in Goldens Bridge, Westchester, NY. Further meetings will be decided by our busy calendars.

If we wish to, we may have one or two full days together.

The tuition is $1,200 for the year.

You can reach me at 914 232 7370 or at jschmruach@aol.com.



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