CIL At Omega June 28th – June 30th 2013

Center for Intentional Living at Omega Institute

Transforming Your Old Love Maps

June 28 – June 30, 2013

Course 2502-364/Tuition $295 MI, CE

Formed before conscious memory, your ways of loving and wanting to be loved, or what Alexis Johnson and Judith Sarah Schmidt call your “love maps,” are written deep in the neural pathways of the brain. As a result, these love maps navigate all of your intimate relationships throughout your life.

Your love maps may be healthy, leading you to form equally healthy intimate relationships. But your love maps may hold traumas and insecurities that can constrict you. All your life, however, your soul waits patiently to transmute your old ways of living into new ways of loving so you can unfold the fullness and freedom of your true self.

Johnson and Schmidt lead this workshop as an intimate circle, combining explorations of early attachment theory, depth psychology, and neuroscience, with personal process, meditation, small group and partner work, explorations of family structures, guided imagery, journaling, and movement. You come to witness your old love maps with compassion and forgiveness, and then follow the intention of your heart to unfold new and creative way of being and loving.

This workshop offers a rich opportunity for anyone devoted to personal transformation, as well as mental health professionals.

Please bring a notebook, colored pens, and an object that holds personal spiritual significance. 

Please register by clicking on one of the links below. You also can contact Omega at 877-944-2002

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