Graduate Retreat: Deepening the Practice of Presence Moving from Reactivity to Empathy

We will devote this time to cultivating our capacity for compassionate witnessing in all aspects of our lives.  Whether as practitioner of the healing arts, as partner, as parent, or as friend, it is essential to have a place of inner refuge for our reactivity, a place to sit in reflection and to witness our transformation from reactivity to a heartfelt response.  This Practice of Presence is the core of all that we teach and live at the Center for Intentional Living.

This practice of the I and the Thou is necessary in order to move from blotting out the other for the sake of our own emotional survival toward a clear seeing of self and other in both our woundedness and our wholeness.  This we do for the sake of our own healing, for the sake of those we love, for the sake of those we work with whose healing we are devoted to and for the sake of our world.

Along with specific personal practices, we will explore current teachings in neuroscience and self psychology.  Additionally, we will enjoy yoga, meditation, journaling, swimming and simply being in the beauty of Alexis’s gardens.

We would love to have all of you join us, sharing four summer days with like-minded others, supporting one another in what is perhaps the most significant spiritual practice of our time, that of compassionate presence.  With that vision, perhaps you can savor and anticipate the nourishment of mind, body, spirit and kinship of this CIL graduate retreat.

Dates: Wednesday evening July 10th through Sunday at 1:00pm July 14, 2013. Wednesday evening will start at 7pm and go until 9pm.

Place:           Alexis’s home in South Salem, NY

Fee:             $800 (includes three lunches)

If you have any questions, please call or email either of us:

Alexis at (914) 763 3201 or

Judith at (914) 232 7370 or

Enrollment is limited, so please register early by sending your $400 deposit to:

Kelly Byrne, 25 North Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

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