Introductory Workshops for the NEW 2009 Professional Enrichment Program in Danbury, C

Center for Intentional Living

Introductory Workshops

    Saturday, May 9th in Westchester

    Sunday, June 7th in Manhattan
    Saturday, July 11th in Westchester

Time: 2:30pm—5:30pm

Our introductory workshops are offered to help potential East Coast CIL students familiarize themselves with the teachers and learnings that make CIL a unique community. Co-founders Alexis Johnson, PhD., and Judith Schmidt, PhD., will each present and then spend the last part of the afternoon answering questions.

The Mother’s Face: Roots of Faith

Judith Sarah Schmidt, PhD

The first mirror of a child knows is the face of its mother. This mirror—through its smiles and sounds, its eyes and gestures—informs the infant what the world is like. The infant’s cellular being, its very breath, unfolds in this co-created relationship field. In the ways that the infant is met with welcoming appreciation, she will root a sense of safety and self-esteem. In ways that the infant’s unfolding is not mirrored, he will root anxiety and doubt. We will use lecture and guided imagery to explore the roots of our first love map.

Attachment Style: Basis of Spiritual Journey

Alexis Johnson, PhD

Each of us is born into dependence. During these early years, we co-create an attachment style—secure or insecure. Whatever it is, it forms the template for our relationship to our self, to our intimate others and to transpersonal realms. We grow up with an unspoken unconscious set of rules of ‘how to do it’ – ‘it’ being how to do relationships in general, and in particular how love should look and feel. We will use lecture and dynamic family sculpture to explore attachment style.

To attend either of these introductory workshops call Judith (914-232-7370) or Alexis (914-763-3201) to register and get directions. The cost is $50, which will be applied to the Professional Enrichment Program if you choose to attend.

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