Looking Into the Face of Shame – May 11th 2012 in Ridgefield, CT

“Looking Into the Face of Shame”

Alexis Johnson, PhD.

May 11th 2012

Although our triggers are different, we all know shame with its attributes of self-hate, inferiority and a strong desire to withdraw and disappear from the eyes of others. Shame runs a continuum from mild embarrassment to profound dread.   At the extreme, shame prone people experience themselves as truly defective at the core of their being.  Although we each know this form of hell, we often don’t know its origin within our psyche-soma.

Using both psychoanalytic and research frameworks, we will explore the roots of shame in early development, including the biologically based social engagement system of face and hands.  To survive and thrive the child needs to attach; shame breaks connections both to others and to the True Self, compromising full aliveness.

Since the roots of shame are interpersonal, the healing process also needs to be interpersonal.  Shame interactions, if not repaired in a timely fashion, can quickly derail a healing relationship.  How to attune, sustain presence, and repair shame based ruptures are essential therapeutic skills if growth and possibility are to be re-awakened.

This Friday morning’s format will be both informational and experiential through lecture, imaginal exercises and dialogue.

Location: Ridgefield Community Center, 316 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

CEU’s available through NASW-CT for an additional $10/certificate

Cost: $60.

Please send your check to hold your place to Alexis Johnson, 96 Bouton Road, South Salem, NY 10590.

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