2015 Graduate Retreat: Using Our Whole Being to Transform Our First Love Maps



Using Our Whole Being to Transform Our First Love Maps

CIL Grad Retreat, May 14th – 17th 2015

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing, no holding back”

Sitting together in our healing circle, we will embrace both ourselves and each other with wide-hearted acceptance, trusting our desire to open ourselves and one another in an ever widening spiral. As we journey together, we will explore the myriad facets of our complex being: soma and psyche, both personal and collective, our emotional and mental selves and the ways in which these interface to form our unique being in the world.

 We know our right brain creates whole images, while our left brain analyzes what is before it. Each is important. Spiritual practices facilitate integrating these two ways of being in the world, creating what we are calling a whole brain spiritual practice.

Throughout our time together we will hold the intention to each shape our personal practice for our own healing and wholeness and for that of our planet. In addition to personal and interpersonal process, we will work with meditation, imagery and movement approaches and have plenty of time to journal and enjoy our reveries in the gardens.

We need to know who is coming to this enriching time together so please let us know immediately.  Alexis (alexisajohnsonphd@gmail.com) or Judith (jschmruach@aol.com). As usual, we will begin at 10:00am on Thursday and end at 1:00pm Sunday.  Kelly has set aside rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn. Total cost is $800 including the 3 lunches. Please send a $300 deposit (Check made out to Center for Intentional Living) and send to to Kelly at Kelly Byrne, 25 N Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591 to get the code to make your room reservations.

We so look forward to seeing each of you in the Spring.

Love, Alexis & Judith


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