Study Supervision Group – “Putting the Pieces Together: Trauma Models for the Clinician”

Putting the Pieces Together: Trauma Models for the Clinician

Alexis Johnson, PhD

96 Bouton Road

South Salem, NY 10590 (914) 763 3201

18 CEU’s through NASW-CT

The many ways to address traumatic events clinically fall roughly into two models: top down and bottom up.  Top down refers to entering the inner world of the traumatized individual to first name and then transform their complicated experiences through imagination, self-reflection and metallization.  Bottom up refers to starting with the sensations of the body, tracking them to explore the legacy of autonomic responses to the traumatic events and knowing when to interrupt those sensations to teach better self-regulation.  Both require the clinician being able to re-create trust in an individual where trust has been lost.  This years on-going study/supervision groups will explore trauma from both vantage points, using the work of Pat Ogden’s Trauma and the Body for the body therapy and Don Kalsched’s Trauma and the Soul for the imaginal/cognitive side of the story.  As usual there will be time each meeting to present cases to enliven the written theoretical material and support our clinical practices.

Dates & Times:

We will meet 9 times from September, 2014 through May 2015 on Fridays from 2-4pm.  Please note that the dates are irregular due to my schedule

We will begin with the Ogden book Part II on treating trauma:

September 26, 2014               Chapter 8

October 24                              Chapter 9

November 21                          Chapter 10

December 12                          Chapter 11

January 12, 2015                    Chapter 12


And continue with the Kalsched book:

February 20                             Chapter 2

March 27                                 Chapter 4

April 24                                    Chapter 5

May 29                                    Chapter 6

Tuition for the year: $600

To reserve your place, please send $200 deposit to Alexis at the above address.

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