Study/Supervision Group: Being with Loss and Mortality – Starts September 2015

Being with Loss and Mortality

Alexis Johnson, PhD,

18 CEU’s through NASW-CT

This study/supervision group will intertwine two issues: facing the hard questions at

end of life both for ourselves and our clients and working with mourning, both when

we are in mourning and when we are sitting with others in grief. Many of us plan on

working until we ‘can’t’. How do we face that inevitability? How do we close a

practice, what do we tell clients, and when? As modern human beings we tend to

avoid these conversations. Being Mortal by Atul Gawande will be our first text of

the season. Gawande’s narrative is both personal and medical, guiding the reader

through end of life issues with great compassion and dignity. The second text of the

season will be The Therapist in Mourning edited by Edelman and Malawista. We will

use three sections: The Therapist’s Experience of Loss, When a Patient Dies, and At

the Crossroads of the Therapist’s Personal and Professional Worlds.

We will meet 9 times from September, 2015 through June 2016 on Fridays from 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Please note that the dates are irregular due to my schedule:

9/11/15 Gawande – Aging and Illness Chapters 1-3

10/9/15 Gawande – Dependence and Assistance Chapters 4-6

11/13/15 Gawande – Hard Conversations Chapters 7,8

12/11/15 Adelman & Malawista – Integrating Loss Chapters 1&3

2/5/16 Adelman & Malawista – Termination as Loss for both

3/11/16 Adelman & Malawista – Suicide verses ‘ordinary’ death

4/15/16 Adeleman & Malawista – Experiencing the death of a client

5/13/16 A&W- When therapist is seriously ill Chapters 8&9

6/10/16 A&W- Resilience through mourning Chapters 10&11

Cost: $600 for the year. Location: 96 Bouton Road, South Salem, NY 10590


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