The Phenomena of Images: A Non-Interpretive Approach: December 9th

The Phenomena of Images: A Non-interpretive Approach

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Vitalizing attunement is fundamental for creating attachment within any healing dyad.  When attunement and attachment are established, then certain techniques can be used to augment the power of the healing relationship.  One of these is the use of guided imagery either with an image that the client mentions in the course of a session or as a continuation of a dream brought in for examination.

When an image arises from within it can be a powerful inner resource.  Images flow from the right side of the brain and the limbic system and are by their very nature holistic, holding a hologram of possibility.  As this part of the brain does not recognize the passage of time, a powerful image can be experienced as a ‘real’ or ‘lived’ experience.  When we focus on these spontaneous gestures we can rewire the old patterns that encode the past, allowing a new future to emerge.

To explore an image phenomenologically is to explore the senses: what does it feel like, smell like, sound like?  What are the colors, the shapes, the background, the foreground?  It is also to explore desire: what do you want to do with this scene, who is there to help/hinder you?

Exploring images in this fashion is like exploring metaphors.  Both we are our clients can become more interested in their own inner world and more capable of developing their self-reflective capacity.

Alexis Johnson, PhD

Ridgefield Community Center, Ridgefield CT

Date: December 9, 2011

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