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Looking at the Bigger Picture in Australia

A Reflection from Cornelia Okkerse

If we look at the bigger picture in Australia, then we have to go back to how the original indigenous people managed the land. They did very conscious back burning all the time. The aboriginal people created an open circle on the land and put that on fire, with an escape route for the animals, since the circle was open. In that way no harm was done and also the land was kept clean and tidy and ready for re-growth. 

Due to the colonialism and invasion by the British, this country was over time taken over by British rule. People that did not acknowledge nor respect the aboriginal population. There were massacres and hence corroborees. This land is basically clean, since it has not known a World War and country was maintained by the aboriginal elders and their laws that the white man knows nothing about, it is not seen nor respected by us. A huge mistake now coming to the fore.. It feels like that in order for Australia to come into true health, it needs to shake off the colonialism of the Union Jack flag, acknowledge the true wealth of knowledge the aboriginal people have to offer and then find their own unique identity. The British imprint is one of holding one captive, ‘lesser than’, no respectable acknowledgement of women, old boys’ network, private schools etc. see Jungian analyst’s book by Anne Summers, ‘Damned whores and God’s Police about the colonisation of women in Australia. This psychic space is still deeply lived in this country by a great majority of Aussie settlers and since the country is only 200 plus years old, and has no direct neighbours (as we have in Europe) to show them another way, this pathology has become deeply ingrained. I lived it out in my marriage and it was a long struggle to set myself free, as you know.

So in order for Australia to set itself free and change into a new healthy country with healthy relationships and no more corrupting of the land, as in mining for foreign governments or fracking etcetera, which takes a lot of good water; we need to revamp our ways of being from deeply within.

How does this look? Perhaps the fires are just the mere beginning of what needed to take place, namely a good cleaning out of all these songlines that carry the old (it is of my opinion that this is happening right now). At times people show photo’s of old aboriginal faces in the smoke clouds that go up and high unusual spirals of dark smoke, that signify the energies being released. Even though our lungs are badly affected and very very sadly so many animals lost their lives and many people also tragically lost their homes, I still think the country needs to burn. Country talks to the indigenous people and they know when it needs to burn. Strangely the extend of the fires started after Uluru (the huge Pleiadian monolith) in the red Centre of Australia was finally closed off to the Western people who continued to climb it and did not respect the sacredness of the place. As if it was then decided that enough is enough with the greed of white man continuing to pillage the country for more resources and not listening to the wonder of life and the gifts of life but living strongly in the masculine sense of TAKING, like drilling oil in the Great Australian Bight or drilling for gas near the Barrier Reef. This has to stop! Australia needs to find another way to sustain itself and it also needs to be acknowledged universally that our earth/Gaia is our Mother, she gives and gives plentiful but we need to respect her, honour her and we don’t do that. Perhaps this is her protest. 

There is much amiss in the Australian continent, and it starts with the connection to the Crown in the UK. The old ways do not work any more. Perhaps when the Queen passes, Australia is forced to step into their own autonomy, and can rebuild again. Hopefully a young and preferably an indigenous leader will come to the fore, that can lead this vast continent into the next decades towards peace and harmony. We need it so much. The old does not work any more, never mind whether it is liberal or labor, both don’t work. Everything needs an overhaul and the respect for the feminine needs to return, for THE MOTHER, the giving of the female and the creativity she holds.. 

This is just a draft, so much more to say. I believe the Songlines that are now being cleaned will also bring enormous benefit to the rest of the world. The Sun rises in the East and the new energies come first in the East, this is what is happening here and hopefully we can go through a massive transformation towards living in LOVE with what we have and respect for harmony to return so that the Northern Hemisphere knows what to do when the catastrophes hit them. It will be shown to them by what Australia was able to bring through.

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