Alumni Testimonials

These are some of the experiences of the people with whom we have had the pleasure of working over the last few years.

If you have had any similar experience you would feel comfortable sharing, we invite you to e-mail it to us.

“The CIL program has been the single most valuable psychology training program I’ve ever been through. The material covered is very rich, covering the full-spectrum of psychological principles from the personal world of Object Relations to the transpersonal. It is presented in easy-to-assimilate formats by highly trained professionals. I highly recommend the program and have even considered taking it again just to continue learning from these fabulous instructors.”

– Luana Lindsey, Corvallis, OR,
Co-director of the Core Essence;
School of Healing and Counseling.

“For me, the CIL program is the perfect balance of science and
spirit without insulting the students’ intelligence or previous training. The lectures and exercises nourish heart and mind. The information and insights easily integrate into my work as a family physician.”

– Paula Krauser, M.D., Manalapan, NJ

“CIL has revolutionized my practice. It has given me confidence to go deeper with my clients and the results have been life changing for them. I too have matured through this work and trusted community. My work is blossoming into its own unique form.”

– Nancy Lee-Evans, Anchorage, Alaska

“Thanks to CIL, I talked with my mother about my early months of life and in this way developed understanding of and compassion for her. This became part of my senior paper in which I described my earliest memories, stories that I had been told, and discussions with Mother. Now she is dead, no longer available. What a blessing that I talked with her while she was here, bringing a measure of peace to my life and also to hers.

–  Bob Epperly, Mountain View, CA

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